week 3:comments

hello nice blog i like it a lot it is very unique non like i have seen you did very good and it looks like you work a lot on your blog but anyway nice work.

dear Teegan,

nice blog i like the colors you put on it they are very bright and you look like you enjoy doing this nice job keep up the nice work.

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Dear Amy,
hi my name is onyx your blog looks like it is quality work and it looks like you have tried really hard to make your blog.nice if you would like you can visit my blog just look at the participants page and i am named Onyxp and you click on my name and you are at my blog named underground and by the way how did you get the map?

dear, DJ
Hi DJ i like your blog it has a lot of entertainment on it and it looks nice.
your classmate, out


March 29, 2012 @ 1:57 pm   Reply

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hello Steph,
nice blog it look like very good quality work nice job.

One thought on “week 3:comments

  1. Hi, Onyx.

    Please clarify/fix the comments you would like credit for:

    March 23 – ? – wrong link
    March 24 – Teegan’s About Me – no comment on his page
    March 29 – Amy’s About Me – no HTML used in comment
    March 29 – Steph? – no link

    Just let me know to go back and check these comments again by filling out a Missing Work Completed form.

    Ms. Anderson 🙂

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